Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dream from Dimi - part 3

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"Music is a universal language, and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul. "

Monday, August 29, 2011

Together (from Dimi - part 3)

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If man stops moving forward, he begins to degrade inside. That’s why running water doesn’t smell bad, because it is in constant motion.  And the stagnant water in the swamps gets mould and bad smell. I believe we have to strive always to improve ourselves and be better and better.

The first video which I have made for Dimi - still in the process of improvement and becoming better :​-​)

Smile Hope you will like it. One of my first attempts with a lead guitar Smile

Have a lovely new week Smile

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Touch the Romantic guitar of my soul

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Touch the Romantic guitar of my soul with the videos from my latest album: Miss You

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Special Flower (new version)

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Special Flower (new version) dedicated to my lovely friend Tanya Donohue: is ready Smile

These are some of my first attempts with a lead guitar Smile Still learning how to use it. Hope, Tanya, you will like the new version, too :-) I love you

Special Flower (new version) by dimigineva

I keep working on new things, at the moment and new surprises, I hope Smile Thanks a lot to those who support me in my musical journey. I couldn't make it without your support!  And Special Thank you and Special Flower to my soul sister – Tanya. Obicham te Red rose

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inspiration – part 1

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Some inspirational thoughts by Roger Love. He is a great vocal teacher and a great person ( I’m very happy having discovered him. He is a big inspiration to me. Thank you, Roger!


"A few minutes a day can really make a difference. Do something today for a few minutes to change your life!"
"Try something new, reach for the impossible, step into a chance of a lifetime, dream bigger, and know that anything is actually possible if you work hard enough and dream big enough."

“It takes focus, work, time, passion, luck, faith and timing to be a great artist. If you are not ready to add those words into your daily schedule, you're not ready to be great singer or speaker. When you ARE ready to do the work, you WILL get the results....Think about this, Pavarotti, didn't decide to be a singer until he was an adult. Can you imagine growing up with that voice and not thinking all the time that you were, or could be a singer? He was doing a lot of OTHER things. What amazing talents do you have that you aren't even aware of? Or worse yet, what talents do you know you have, but are not focusing on? I challenge you to do something about that today. Make nature and nurture work for you - the rest will all fall into place.”

Friday, August 26, 2011

Romantic lake - Miss YOU

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My view of Miss YOU - like a journey in a romantic lake. The boat won't sink as long as there is love to keep it. And the journey is not hard, because we are two - two hearts in love that can pass through all the seasons - the beauty and the storms of them, because we love each other. And like in the final pic - dreams of harbor - where we can be together forever - LOVE

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Special Flower

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Friends are flowers in the garden of life. Special flower for one very special friend to me - Tanya Donohue:

Thank you, Tanya for all your amazing support! Love You!


Which part of Dimi do you like the most :-)

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Hello Friends :-)

I hope my first blog post will find you in good health and a good mood. Sending you my very best wishes from beautiful Bulgaria.

I want to share with you Dimi :-)

I believe that we should always strive to improve and develop ourselves, not to sit at one place, but move, move forward...and strive to be better and better :-) Life is movement and a continuous process of learning. We are learning whole life.

Here you can find Dimi - still in the process of improvement and becoming better:

You can download all parts of Dimi here for free