Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inspiration – part 1

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Some inspirational thoughts by Roger Love. He is a great vocal teacher and a great person ( I’m very happy having discovered him. He is a big inspiration to me. Thank you, Roger!


"A few minutes a day can really make a difference. Do something today for a few minutes to change your life!"
"Try something new, reach for the impossible, step into a chance of a lifetime, dream bigger, and know that anything is actually possible if you work hard enough and dream big enough."

“It takes focus, work, time, passion, luck, faith and timing to be a great artist. If you are not ready to add those words into your daily schedule, you're not ready to be great singer or speaker. When you ARE ready to do the work, you WILL get the results....Think about this, Pavarotti, didn't decide to be a singer until he was an adult. Can you imagine growing up with that voice and not thinking all the time that you were, or could be a singer? He was doing a lot of OTHER things. What amazing talents do you have that you aren't even aware of? Or worse yet, what talents do you know you have, but are not focusing on? I challenge you to do something about that today. Make nature and nurture work for you - the rest will all fall into place.”

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