Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't forget to follow your dreams today – Inspiration - part 2

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Have a lovely, beautiful and successful day with the inspirational thoughts by the great vocal coaches

Roger Love ( and Trelawny Rose (


“Never give up! Sometimes it feels like quitting time but hang in there. Follow your intuition. Pay your dues! Practice your craft. It will all come together.”

“Whatever you water will grow stronger. If you water the seeds of music and creation everyday, it will grow stronger. Find a physical space, even just a little corner or chair and make that space your special creative place. Visit that place every day for a week, even for a moment, and see what music comes your way.”

“In many ways the music business is saturated and running around trying to both catch its tail, and break new ground. Yet today, more than ever, the talented have ways of getting to the public with undeniably quick access. Sure there are more fish in the pond, but the pond is so big now, with so many tributaries, the best fish will survive and grow while they eat all the other fish that are weak and lazy. In the end, talent wins out and get's noticed. The amount of time and circumstances that have to align to make that moment of destiny happen, who can say. All I know is, if you are working hard every day to make your talent shinier, and stronger, and better, and honest, and individual... and you keep doing that each and every day, you are moving in the right direction and someday will be ready if fate taps you on the shoulder with plans of it's own. If you are sitting around waiting for it to happen, it may never come. Talent does not have a peak and then a decline. The peak is so high up that most never reach it. Keep climbing and learning. Tell yourself the mountain can never be fully climbed, that way you will never get bored or rest on a rock that only has a partial view or paradise.”
”What you put into your music is often more important than the legion of instruments you have to work with. Think about the musicians and the songs that stand the test of time. Musicians like Otis Redding had NOTHING to work with back when they were recording and those songs will live on forever. A sincere musician will take the stage with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, and make an impromptu performance sound like a fully formed composition. THAT is fearless sincerity.”


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